HTC has been amping up its Vive virtual reality headset for months and the launch date is finally upon us. For the not-so-low price of $799, you can grab a Vive unit to connect to your powerful computer and enjoy all those great videos and games that were developed just for the platform. But as early reviewers and adopters have said, the experience could be so good and immersive that you might forget your real world surroundings.

That's why HTC has built a Vive companion app for Android phones to keep you updated on the most important notifications and save you from completely missing that time-sensitive call from your boss or crucial text from your wife. The app uses Bluetooth to send over your notifications, and requires passing by the Vive's computer software to be set up completely. It should be an easy process though, and once done, it'll let you receive calls, texts, and calendar reminders while wearing the Vive, as well as send quick replies to messages.

The Vive companion app is a free download on the Play Store and seems compatible with most mobile phones and brands, not just HTC smartphones.

Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free