Facebook recently introduced live video. Now it wants more users to start recording themselves. To entice people to do so, the company has rolled out a few enhancements.

Let's start with the people willing to stand in front of the camera. Since launch, you've been able to share streams with friends. Going forward, you can also show your feed to entire Facebook groups and events. This helps focus your recording on people who may be most interested.

As for viewers, you can now react to live video using the same expressions available for status updates. Whichever emotion you express will float across the screen on top of the video.

Broadcasters and other viewers will see the image. Facebook shows you a picture of who made the reaction if they're a friend. And to increase the chance of friends watching the same video, Facebook will now let you invite one.

Screenshot from 2016-04-06 14-36-15

Facebook has added a dedicated section that shows live broadcasts taking place across the world. You can search a geographical area for live and non-live video alike.

Or you can just click that notification telling you that a friend or page is streaming live video. Or the next one.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+