It's the age-old quandary of all mankind—pizza is great, but it's too hard to order. I mean, phone calls, web orders, and even apps require too much effort. All that clicking and tapping; it just stands between you and pizza. Well, Domino's is making ordering a pizza so easy you could almost do it by accident (and you might). Just open Zero Click and Domino's will bring you a pizza.

I feel the need to first point out that all apps are "zero click" because you don't click things on a phone. Enough pedantry, this app will order you a pizza with zero taps, but only after you set it up. Simply choose a preferred order, input your account details, and get ready to order. When you open the app (which you could technically do by voice and not by tapping) a 10 second countdown will begin. When it hits zero, it's pizza time. Your order will be submitted and that's it.

The app does include a pause button so you can stop the order. Swiping up will display your order information if you want to make sure everything is right. What will you do with all your free time? Take up a hobby? Learn a new language? Nah, you'll probably just play a few extra minutes of video games before the pizza gets there. You bum.

Zero Click
Zero Click
Developer: Domino's Pizza LLC
Price: Free