The Galaxy S7 has been out for a couple weeks now, so it's about time for the discount game to get started. If you buy the GS7 from a carrier, you're going to be paying upward of $700 and it'll probably be SIM locked. Or, you could buy this unlocked dual-SIM GS7 (model G930FD) for $599.99.

Because this is the unlocked international version of the device, it has a new Samsung Exynos chip instead of the Snapdragon 820. Some would say that's the more desirable configuration anyway. The main SIM has support for all the LTE bands you could ever want, and it even has T-Mobile's HSPA+ frequency. The second SIM is only 2G, so it's just for calls.

2016-04-06 15_52_32-New Samsung Galaxy S7 G930FD Duos Sim 32GB GSM Unlocked 12MP Smartphone _ eBay

The phone is available in black or silver, the latter of which is rare in the non-Edge variant. Shipping in the US is free and tax is paid only in New York. Keep in mind it'll come with a European charger as well. It will ship internationally as well, but not for free.