A long time ago (like the 1970's, that's a really long time) in a studio far, far, away a mighty marketing Empire was born. Star Wars!
The Empire's formation began with the telling of an epic story. A story so epic that it started on chapter four instead of chapter one (Seriously, why George?).

After years of waiting, a new chapter has finally been added to the tome. In this, the seventh chapter, a new Droid was introduced.

A droid named BB-8! A circular ball of circuits, servos, sarcasm, and impeccable comedic timing. The cutest astromech since R2-D2.

An amazing tiny model of BB-8 came out shortly after the story's release. Alas, it was priced at $150. 

However, good news has just been relayed to the Rebel Alliance. BB-8 is on sale today at $129.99!* 

The incredible toy I'm talking about is the Sphero BB-8. The adorable robot's movements are controllable via an Android app and he also recognizes and responds to your voice. In addition to that, the little Droid was recently updated (no, not to Marshmallow) to react when he watches scenes from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' with you. You can literally buy a friend to watch Star Wars with!

What are you waiting for? You know you want a little round Droid that you can control with your Android phone. Feel the need to make an impulse purchase, let it burn within you. Embrace the power of the marketing! Now, go forth, and buy yours today at your local Jawa Sandcrawler Amazon. Below is the source — may it be with you.

*Many Bothans died to bring us this information.