TellTale Games has made a name for itself lately with episodic story-based point-and-click adventure games, and Minecraft: Story Mode is no exception. Released in October 2015, the game uses Minecraft's signature voxel graphics along with interesting storylines, character choices, and a star-studded voice acting cast to create an engrossing adventure game that you feel compelled to finish.

The first episode of the game usually costs $4.99, the same as all other episodes which come as in-app purchases. But with the 5 episodes now fully released and episodes 6, 7, and 8 planned as part of a larger "New Order of the Stone" expansion, the TellTale team is ready to let more people in for a lower price of admission.

Episode 1 is down from $4.99 to $0.49 on the Play Store in the US, or CAD $0.65 in Canada, AUS $0.75 in Australia, 0.50 GBP in the UK, 0.50EUR in several European countries, Rs.33 in India, and so on. If you live elsewhere, expect the price to be reduced to the equivalent of $0.99 or whatever the lowest local Play Store minimum is.

This discount only gets you through the door with Episode 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode. You'll still have to shell out the equivalent of $5 for each additional episode, but if you've been looking at the game and wondering if it's worth paying for and playing, now is a good time to dip your toes and check it out.

Minecraft: Story Mode
Minecraft: Story Mode
Developer: Telltale Games
Price: Free+