Alright, non-US readers, this one goes out to you. A seller has the international Nexus 5X on eBay, and they only want $229 for the phone. Take that in for a moment. Yeah, that's a great price for a current Nexus.

These are new units. No previous owners have smudged their prints on the screen. You shouldn't see any scratches on the back. Your Google account will be the first one going in after booting up.

The seller is sending units to parts of Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa (okay, South Africa), and the Americas. You can technically buy this in the United States, but since this is the h791 model instead of h790, this isn't the one you want.

The phone has 16GB of storage, and you can get it in black or white. Shipping is free. Get your order in before the seller runs out.