Artem wanted someone on the team to write up a deal alert in which we point our readers toward a selfie stick. After a contentious debate in which no one else agreed that we should do this, here I am.

I've never used a selfie stick. I don't even take selfies without a stick. I have no problem with taking a picture of myself, but something about the ease of doing so with a phone makes the experience feel too narcissistic. Besides, front-facing cameras tend to be crap.

I don't know what makes any given selfie stick better than another, but Artem says this one is pretty good. After plugging the stick into your phone's earphone jack, you can take photos using a button on the handle. This, I'm told, separates pointless selfie sticks from the more pointless ones. Plus this stick comes from Spigen, and it has 4.3 stars.

Screenshot from 2016-04-06 15-28-02

The good thing about ordering online is that you don't have to see my face right now, and I don't have to see yours. Type in the coupon code STEBG6TA to knock $6.00 off the current price of $9.99. Yeah, that brings this thing down to $3.99. That's very cheap. I know. If I were in the market for a walking stick, I might feel temptation too.

Alright, Artem. The deed is done.

Well just my luck. The coupon code expired moments after we tried it out. I demeaned myself for nothing.

My apologies to absolutely everyone.