We already know that Huawei is announcing the much-anticipated P9 in London tomorrow, but what about the US? The P9 is likely not destined for North America yet again, but the Wall Street Journal says Huawei is going to get serious about the American market soon.

For the last few years, Huawei has been growing internationally. However, the only hint we've had of that in the US were budget phones like the P8 Lite. The Nexus 6P was the first flagship Huawei handset sold in the US, but it didn't carry Huawei's branding. The WSJ report says that Huawei will launch a flagship smartphone later this year in the US. This comes from Huawei's consumer electronics head Richard Yu. As for what that phone will be, no one is saying.

The P9 will be well into its life cycle later this year, so it would be odd to just launch that same device in the US. Maybe it'll be a new piece of hardware instead or a tweaked version of the P9. Look for details on the P9 tomorrow including a faster Kirin SoC, aluminum design, and dual-lens camera developed with Leica.