Google's developer advocate, Wayne Piekarski has announced that an Android Wear update is rolling out, and not just any Android Wear update. This is the fabled Marshmallow update for the Sony Smartwatch 3. The first wave of watches are getting the OTA now, and all of them should be updated inside of a week.

There was some concern after two months of waiting that Sony and Google were going to leave this device behind. It's the last watch to get the Marshmallow update, but at least it's getting it. We don't know why this watch took so long, but it probably has something to do with the unique hardware (it has a Broadcom ARM chip) and general issues with slow development (it's Sony).

So, owners will get Marshmallow, but future updates? That's unclear. Piekarski says he'll announce when the SW3 update is complete. At that point, developers will be able to drop support for API22 (Lollipop) from their apps.