Pocket created a bundled deal for productivity services last year, calling it the Productivity Pack. The deal is back now with a new list of bundled services. The price is a few bucks higher, but there's a lot more in this year's pack. It's $69.99 and includes six full-year premium subscriptions.

The $70 price tag gets you a one-year subscription to all six premium services. Here's a quick rundown of what they are.

  • Tackle multiple to-do lists with Wunderlist Pro, giving you unlimited access to collaboration features so you can assign tasks to family, friends, and coworkers.
  • Use LastPass Premium to generate and keep track of all your passwords, while kicking your security into high gear with multifactor authentication.
  • Watch your team and your work come alive with Quip, the place to create, document, discuss and organize the stuff that your team works on.
  • Use Do to run productive meetings – you can set and share agendas, take collaborative meeting notes, mark followups and outcomes, share files, and more.
  • Fix all the broken aspects of traditional conference calling with UberConference, giving you a simple and painless way to run conferences without the hassle of PIN codes.
  • Keep the articles, videos and websites that interest you available at all times with Pocket Premium’s powerful organization, search, and Permanent Library features.

In addition to the above, you get a 12-week digital subscription to the New York Times. If you were to buy all these things separately, it would apparently cost you nearly $500. So, this is a great deal if you have a need for all these things. The Productivity Pack is only available through April 22nd.