Portable chargers are nice. They don't quite make up for phones with crappy battery life, but they come close. Plus they bring the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won't be tethered to a wall if your phone decides it won't make it through the evening.

You can grab one at full price, but the reason you're reading this is so that you don't have to. So let's cut straight to the chase. Kmashi is offering a 20,000mAh external battery on Amazon for $32.98. With the coupon code 3Z9KLROS, you can knock that price down to $19.99.

Why pick this pack over another one? Well, aside from the obvious availability of a coupon code, there's the added benefit of having Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility. That's something that was missing the last time we highlighted a Kmashi battery with this capacity at this price. You have two USB ports to work with and a flashlight that can come in handy in the dark.

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The battery is a bit wider than may be expected, which can make it a little less wieldy. But if you intend to keep this thing lying on a desk or in a bag, that shouldn't be a problem.