A couple of weeks ago, we posted a deal alert for Sony's entry-level 65" 4K Android TV, the XBR-65X810C. Today, the 55" and 65" models of the mid-range XBR-850C line are on sale at their lowest prices ever on eBay. The 55" TV is $999 ($1200 on Amazon), while the 65" panel is $1599 ($2,000 on Amazon). Yeah, that's still a pretty penny for a TV, but these are great prices for some of the best panels on the market.

The 55" version is now $50 cheaper at $949.

Only a week passed since the last price drop, but the 55" version has now gone down another $50 to $899.

The 65" has fallen by $50 to $1549 now.

While both the 810C and 850C product lines run Android TV, the 850C line has a number of upgrades. It supports active 3D, can display HDR imagery (currently only select content from Amazon), and has Sony's TRILUMINOS technology. What this all boils down to is a wider dynamic range and more vivid colors and contrast.

I have a Sony TV with a TRILUMINOS screen, and yes, it's not just marketing jargon, it really does look amazing. Colors in the green and red spectrum in particular are deeper and more vibrant on my 55" Sony than any other TV that I have owned. Amazon reviewers also laud the TV, awarding it a 4.2 star rating. With the new 2016 models already on the market, the stock on these 2015 units may not last long. This is the best time of year to buy a Sony TV, follow the links if you want to check them out for yourself.