While it's hardly taking the world by storm, it looks like Android TV is gaining enough of a footing that there are now high-end televisions equipped with Google's entertainment OS being discounted on a regular basis. (Of course, that might simply indicate that no one is buying them. Either way, it means low prices for us.) Today's television deal comes from Sharp, and it's a big-un: the LC-70UE30U, a 70-inch, 4K smart TV. Buydig's eBay outlet has a new model on sale for $1599.99, a solid $200 off of the price for most remaining new stock.

The LC-70UE30U includes Android TV running on a quad-core processor of unknown origin (though I'm betting it's one of Qualcomm's inexpensive SoC systems). The TV itself isn't quite top of the line, but it's more than enough for anyone who can't tell you the benefits of local LED dimming. In addition to Wi-Fi or Ethernet powered web access, the TV features a full 4K LED-LCD 120Hz screen, 4 HDMI inputs, component and composite in, standard stereo and optical audio jacks, Bluetooth, and three USB-in ports for connecting game controllers, mice, and keyboards.

Again, the model sold on eBay is new, not used or refurbished, and it comes with free shipping (which is nothing to sneeze at on a 70-inch TV) to the US. Unfortunately it isn't being sold to other countries. The standard Sharp warranty, one year on parts and labor, is included.