Microsoft's Build conference is about all the things happening in the company's wide range of products and services, but that includes Android apps these days. At Build yesterday, Microsoft announced there's a big change coming to one of its apps soon-ish. Microsoft plans to add notification mirroring support to Windows 10, and it's going to be powered on the Android side by Cortana.

Windows 10 already has a notification center, but it's not very useful to be honest. There's some integration with Windows 10 phones, of course. The problem being that no one uses those. The Cortana notification mirroring support will plug into Android's notification listener like Pushbullet and similar apps, then beam them over to Windows 10. In addition to simply showing notifications, you'll be able to dismiss from Windows and reply to messages.

Microsoft didn't say exactly when this feature will roll out, but noted it will be part of a future update to Windows 10. The big anniversary update to Windows 10 this summer seems like a good time. Cortana will also need an update to enable the system, so we'll keep an eye out for that.

Build video

Here's a video from Build that talks about the changes coming to notifications in Windows 10.