Google has added six new countries to the list of countries with the ability to redeem Google Play balance promotional codes: Austria, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland. To be clear, this doesn't mean that users can redeem app promo codes generated by developers: that functionality has been available since mid-January, and is available to any country where users can buy apps, as long as the specific app is available to download in that country.

When you buy a Chromecast, usually it comes with some form of voucher for Google Play credit, which is then spendable on apps, music, games, books, movies, or TV shows. The updated list means that users in those six countries detailed above can now redeem these offers and spend the credit. It's not just Chromecasts, either: HTC has offered credit in return for a purchase before now, as have Nvidia if you refer a friend when buying an Nvidia Shield tablet.

While the Google Play balance limit hasn't changed for these countries, we've listed them below for reference.

Google Play balance limits for the six new countries:

  • Austria: €2000
  • Denmark: 11,000 kr
  • Norway: 12,000 kr
  • Poland: 6000 zł
  • Sweden: 13,000 kr
  • Switzerland: 3000 CHF

So, Austrians, Danes, Norwegians, Poles, Swedes, and the Swiss: next time you're out shopping, keep an eye out for those devices with Google Play credit deals.