If David's review of the G5 hasn't put you off ordering it, AT&T is now ready to take your money. The LG G5 is live on AT&T right on time for the April 1st release. This version of the phone is a little more spendy than the others, but it comes with a few special offers.

The G5 will run you $688 on AT&T. That's about $50-100 more than some carriers. With a Next payment plan, you can get it as cheap as $22.97 per month. As with all G5s in the US, you will get a free spare battery and charger from LG. AT&T will also cut you a deal on a Watch Urbane 2nd Edition for $99 on contract with a G5 purchase. You can also get an LG G Pad X 10.1 for $50 on contract.

Also of note, AT&T offers the G5 in all four colors: silver, gray, gold, and pink. Sprint is the only other carrier with all four options.