CNN rose to prominence at a time when 24/7 cable news coverage was an impressive technological feat. These days keeping the camera running doesn't wow people quite like it used to.

Sometimes CNN is quick to make an app that embraces new form factors. I remember playing with a demo on iPads back when they were new. I vaguely recall the cable news network not wasting much time with a Honeycomb version as well. More recently, it released one for Samsung's ridiculously large Galaxy View.

On the other hand, CNN is only now baking Chromecast support into its app.

Screenshot_20160331-125929 Screenshot_20160331-125945(1)

The network is doing this at the same time that it's rolling out 360 video, like what you're probably familiar with on YouTube. It's not quite VR, but it's close.

Screenshot_20160331-125917 Screenshot_20160331-125924

Stand in place, rotate your camera around, and momentarily pretend you're someplace else. In a way, it's a feeling that used to come from non-stop cable news.

What's New:

  • 360 videos: Play CNN 360 video content without leaving the app--just tap on a 360 piece and rotate your phone during playback to enjoy a full 360-degree experience
  • Chromecast support: Cast your favorite video clips to your 1st or 2nd generation Chromecast device. (Live TV and full Android TV support coming soon)
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