The Nextbit Robin isn't a perfect phone, but it's surprisingly good for a Kickstarter project. Also, it actually exists. So there's that. Nextbit has announced a big update is coming next month that will address some of my issues with the phone, and there's a small bug fix rolling out this very day.

The April update will bump the phone up to Android 6.0.1, which means a new round of security updates and updated emoji (yay, taco). The update will also include general performance improvements, better sound quality, and fixes for call volume and screen brightness. The camera will apparently be much faster as well, which will be a welcome change. The shutter lag on the current software is painfully long.

The smaller update today includes a fix of an issue that was causing some apps to crash repeatedly. It's about 23MB, but don't expect any other changes. All the big stuff is a few weeks away.