Google Maps is the de facto navigation option for most Android users, but there are some popular alternatives. INRIX Traffic might soon be among them following its big v6.0 update. It has turn-by-turn navigation, but also some smart learning features with traffic prediction not unlike Google.

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Here's the changelog for v6.0. The design is much different—it's basically a whole new app.

  • All-new look and feel
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with voice assist
  • Bigger, brighter maps for easier viewing and navigating
  • Learned driving habits and routes to help you plan your day
  • Pre-Drive and Drive Time Alerts to keep you informed and on-time
  • Calendar integration for instant driving directions and alerts for events and appointments
  • Bug fixes, battery optimization and performance improvements

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Like Maps, INRIX Traffic leverages location data from other drivers to make traffic estimates. There are apparently a surprising number of active INRIX users (over 4,000 in my area, according to the app). You can input destinations and navigate normally, the app can also notify you when you need to leave for a previously planned trip. It's a bit like the Google Now driving alert. INRIX Traffic can learn the places you go, offering quick access to navigation and traffic projections as well. It seems like it's at least worth a try, and it's free.

INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS
INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS
Developer: INRIX, Inc.
Price: Free