Over the past years, Google has been unbundling various apps from the system and publishing them on the Play Store to allow for easier and faster changes that reach everyone without the need for a full firmware update. After the Google Calendar, Camera, Keyboard, and plenty of others, today's the day for the Calculator to graduate too.

Calculator is now available on the Play Store and that means updates, but also that you can download it on non Nexus devices (I have it on my LG G4 now). Well, back to the update bit now.. I know that's the part you came here looking for. It's version 6.0, as opposed to the previous 5.2 that shipped with Android (including Android N).

The interface seems unchanged from the last time we talked about the calculator — that was back in the M Preview days — but there's a new addition: an Android Wear app that installs on your watch and allows you to perform simple calculations from your wrist. I'm not sure that's faster than using your voice to ask, "OK Google, 15 plus 46," but it might be more precise if you can't get Google to recognize your decimals and parentheses right.

The app is available on the Play Store link below. We'll update this post when we have a direct link to the file if you prefer to go the APK Mirror route or if for some reason you can't access it or it doesn't show as compatible with your device.

Here is the APK file on APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Thanks:
  • Stuart,
  • Andrew Palmer,
  • Manuel Lindner,
  • Tyler,
  • Daniel Keeble