It's Galaxy S7 day, meaning your local carrier store is probably packed with people trying to get one of Samsung's latest devices before the first batch sells out. You don't have to brave the crowds, though. The unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) is on eBay already for $700. That's about $200 less than the full retail price of the unlocked device and $100 cheaper than the carrier-locked versions.

Samsung is back to its old ARM chip setup this year, so the US phones all have a Snapdragon 820. The international unlocked phones (like this one) have the latest Exynos SoC, in this case the Exynos 8. It should perform fine, but the modding scene will probably favor the US models. LTE bands look good for any carrier, but this phone won't work on CDMA.

This device is only available in gold right now. Shipping is free in the US and tax is paid only in New York. The seller will ship internationally, but it'll cost you.

The previous seller's price is now $50 more, but a different seller ( has started offering the S7 Edge for the same price of $699.99, currently available in all 3 colors (black, silver, gold).