There are plenty of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but how many of them look like a Naquadah generator?

A Sharp 100W Bluetooth speaker is currently marked down at Best Buy to $99.99. Placing an order lets you walk out with a device that, with enough imagination, you could plug into any piece of futuristic alien tech without a power source and bring it back to life.

Okay, maybe when you look at the device, you see a bar bell. Maybe you see a pill capsule. Maybe you see something one submarine would fire toward another. Regardless of what you see, it's plenty more interesting than your typical black box.

$99.99 is 50% off the speaker's usual price, so you're saving quite a bit of money.

Huh, you're more interested in how the speaker sounds than how it looks? Well, I don't know for certain, but I imagine it sounds like something that can produce an insane amount of power.

Best Buy is selling the speaker on its site and on eBay. Links to both are below.