We've been posting a lot of great deals on Sony's 2015 4K TVs the last few weeks. The only problem with those panels is that, even on sale, they start at $900. That's a healthy wad of cash to burn on a new TV, even if it is a great one.

Fortunately, Sony doesn't just make 4K TVs, they still produce some 1080p models and they are quite a bit more affordable, especially the outgoing 2015 models. The 55 Inch KDL-55W800C is on sale right now for $699 on eBay, which is a hundred bucks less than its current listed price (Amazon also has it on sale for $25 more and Best Buy for just $15 more)... and $200 less than I paid for mine just five months ago (%#*@%^).

Yes, I own this TV, and I love it. It has a great picture with nice contrast, deep black levels, excellent viewing angles, 3D support, and wonderfully useful (even though it's slightly buggy) Android TV baked right in. In fact, at $700 it's the cheapest a 55in Sony TV with Android TV has ever been. Not bad.

Now for the details for those of you who want to buy one. The seller is BuyDig on eBay, with a 98.8% positive feedback rating. The TV ships free from New Jersey, which is also the only state that will charge retail tax on the purchase. Interested? Link is below.