Millions of people turn to Waze as their go-to navigation app. It tells them not only how to get to their destination, but how to avoid the cops in the process. Now it will also let users know when they've crept over the speed limit.

Like other navigation apps, Waze will now display your current speed in the corner of the app. When you're barreling down the road faster than you should, the indicator will turn red. An alert will pop up that won't go away until you drop down below the limit.

00_gif speedometer 2_1

You have some say over when the alert appears. You can see them when the speed limit is reached or when you start to exceed by 5, 10, or 15 percent.

This functionality is not limited to the US. Rather, the US isn't yet on the list. Waze is kicking things off in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, El Salvador, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad, Tobago, and Uruguay. The service intends to support the rest of the world soon.