You've heard of Jason Statham, right? That generically rugged-looking guy who shows up in about 50% of the action B-movies in any given summer to sound British and punch people in the face? Well apparently the rugged-punching-British demographic is one that LG would like to win, because they've hired him to promote the G5 in an upcoming series of commercials. They said so in a press release. Yes, a press release for a commercial. Welcome to the 2016 mobile market.

Celebrity spokespersons aren't exactly anything new. HTC famously (and bafflingly) hired Robert "Iron Man" Downey Junior to say weird stuff for them, and even had James Van Der Beek of Dawson's Creek fame host a fake and incredibly unsettling reality show. At this point Apple is slipping in about two celebrities in each commercial (Bill Hader and Selena Gomez team up in one of the latest), to say nothing of the various stars they've hired for voice-over work, and Samsung has courted NBA star LeBron James, presumably because he can use a Galaxy Note phone one-handed. They're going for multi-cameo spots now, too.

Exactly what will be in LG's latest commercial isn't clear from the teaser (yes, there's a teaser for the commercial as well), but it's showing off the Cam Plus attachment with its physical camera controls. The spots should start showing up on television and other venues starting in April.

Update: I didn't notice this at first, but it looks like Statham is playing every single person in that teaser (he's even duplicated behind hipster glasses and a wig in the top image). It seems LG is aiming to extend his repertoire.

Press Release

SEOUL, Mar. 29 ― Jason Statham, the popular high-flying, high-octane star of action movies such as The Transporter, Furious 7 and The Expendables series, will star in LG Electronics’ latest TV spot for its revolutionary G5 modular smartphone. Fredrik Bond, the creative, passionate filmmaker who has directed many global campaigns for well-known multinational brands, will be behind the camera.

LG’s newest commercial will highlight the fun and playful experiences possible with the G5 and its versatile Modular Type design. With the ability to attach various companion devices and transform the smartphone into an easy-grip camera or a Hi-Fi audio system, the G5 is perfect for anyone who appreciates great technology and innovation that improve lives.

Produced on location in Los Angeles with creative agency partner Energy BBDO, the commercial will portray Jason Statham experiencing the G5 in exciting and fun ways. Every character in the commercial is portrayed by Mr. Statham, an amusing mise-en-scéne consistent with the G5’s Life’s Good when you Play More tagline.

“I think the concept that LG is putting forward with the G5 and its modular design is going to catch on with consumers,” said Jason Statham. “I enjoyed partnering with LG and working on this commercial, so I hope that shows through in the final piece.”

“Since its unveiling at MWC, we’ve heard from many who say they’ve been waiting for a phone like the G5,” said Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications for LG Mobile Communications Company. “With the G5, our intention is to show how smartphones can go beyond just being a communication device and deliver a playful mobile experience that can enrich our lives.”

The commercial will be shown worldwide in key markets including North America, Latin America, Europe and East Asia and posted to LG Mobile’s Facebook page ( starting April 1 (Korea Standard Time).