When you connect something to Wi-Fi, it becomes a smart thing. When you connect multiples, they become smart things. SmartThings took this concept to heart and made this the name of the company and its products. SmartThings makes things that make your home smarter by transmitting data over Wi-Fi.

To kick off spring, SmartThings is selling all of its products for 20% off. This includes the hub, home monitoring kit, and a multitude of sensors. Just head to the company's website and enter the complex coupon code SPRING at checkout. This discount still applies if you add multiple items to your cart.

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An alternate approach is to head over to Amazon, where you can see the discount already applied for many SmartThings products, no coupon required. The Hub is marked down to $79.99. The multipurpose sensor is $31.99. Below you will find a conveniently located list of some of the products available.