If you route all of your voice calls through data-only web tools like Hangouts, you may want to keep an eye on T-Mobile. According to an internal leak posted by Tmo News, the "uncarrier" will offer a surprisingly wide array of data-only options starting later this week. While these plans are still under the "Simple Choice" label, they're considerably cheaper than the existing options thanks to omitting voice services. The plans do include the now-standard unlimited texting, whether you need it or not.

While the conventional Simple Choice voice plan starts at $50 for 2GB, these new plans go as low as $20 for the same rate sans voice. 6GB will be $35, 10GB will be $50, 14GB will be $65, 18GB will be $80, and 22GB will be $95. There's no unlimited data option (which runs $95 on the voice plans), but anyone who's hoping to save a little dough will have ample opportunity, even without the $10 Automatic Mobile Internet Discount.

The prices for data-only service are more or less identical to T-Mobile's current tablet plans, though the latter doesn't offer a 22GB option. The leaked information doesn't say whether T-Mobile's data-only plans will work with Music Freedom or Binge On, but we'll probably find out on the 30th.