You might have missed it in all the CES madness this year, but Huawei announced a few new versions of the Huawei watch intended for ladies. At the time, we saw two styles (still shown on the worldwide site), but Huawei's Chinese website now shows four of them with a mix of bands. Of course, none have actually gone on sale anyplace we're aware of.

The two basic styles for the ladies variant of the watch are Elegant and Jewel. The Elegant has a knurl pattern around the face and will retail for $499. The Jewel has Swarovski zirconia around the face and will cost $599. In January, we saw the Elegant with a white strap and the Jewel with blue. On the Chinese site, there's a version of the Jewel with red crystals instead of white paired with a red leather band. We also see the white Jewel with a white band and an Elegant with brown leather. So in total, there are four styles shown on the updated Chinese site, and the red one is the only entirely new style.

They all look nice in renders, and certainly more feminine than the regular Huawei Watch. Other than the rose gold coloring and embellishments, the bands are a bit thinner. We still don't have any firm details on a release date, unfortunately.