It's time for some real talk about Android Wear. If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't sold on the idea of a smart watch when Wear was announced. Even after using the original G Watch I wasn't sure I'd find value in having Android on my wrist. It took a few updates for Wear to find a place in my life, but through it all there have been bugs. Some of that is to be expected, but here we are nearly two years after Android Wear launched and connectivity is still bad for a lot of users. While I quite like Wear now, you have to wonder why this is still a problem.

Just to give you a glimpse behind the curtain, Artem regularly sees his Huawei Watch lose connection for a few hours at a time. You may be thinking that's just a product of his famously bad luck, but Rita has seen similar issues on the G Watch R and Huawei Watch. I've seen the Smartwatch 3 lose connection with my phone for an hour or so a few times in the last couple months. The Huawei Watch has also been very pokey for me reconnecting after I walk out of range. The errors can often cause failed voice commands or lost notifications too.

Sometimes these issues can be rectified by toggling Bluetooth, but what good is a smart watch that randomly loses connection to your phone? You might as well just get a mechanical watch at that point. The issues aren't universal—I've never seen connectivity issues with my Moto 360 v2 and Nexus 6P, for example. The real problem is Google has yet to say anything official about connection stability (although Googlers are apparently looking into it). The recent Wear app update added support for Doze mode on Marshmallow, but that doesn't seem to have fixed things for those affected.

This isn't just the AP team. There are plenty of annoyed users replying on Artem's G+ posts. So, how's Android Wear connectivity for you? Hit the poll below.

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