You may have heard the name "Anker" a few times, but haven't really paid attention to what they make. Today is your chance to get acquainted because just about everything Anker makes is on sale via Amazon's gold box deal. There are external batteries, cables, car chargers, earbuds—allthethings.jpg, basically.

Amazon says the discounts are 25% off or greater. That's based on the MSRP, of course, but some of these deals are still pretty solid. The Astro E5 16,000mAh battery is usually $35-40, but it's $24.74 today. Anker's Bluetooth earbuds are $19.49 instead of around $30. You can also get a Quick Charge 2.0 car charger for $15.

2016-03-28 10_30_03-Amazon.com_ Deal Of The Day _ Save 25% or more on Anker_ Cell Phones & Accessori

And all that is just for starters. You can also get Anker Bluetooth speakers, microUSB cables, USB hubs, a selfie stick (ohgodwhy), and more. As with all gold box deals, these prices are only valid for the rest of the day. Everything is in stock and has Prime shipping.