This weekend's poll isn't explicitly Android-themed, but it is tangentially Android-related. VR is a big thing these days - everyone and their brother seems to be working on or investigating a VR platform. Rumors of Google developing its own full-on standalone VR headset have emerged from reputable sources, making it seem likely that 2016 will mark the dawn of the VR Wars.

Right now, Oculus Rifts are gearing up to ship, free Gear VRs (developed by Oculus and Samsung) are set to ship to likely hundreds of thousands of S7 and S7 edge owners, HTC Vives are up for pre-ordering, LG has its 360 VR headset as a freebie for G5 pre-orders on some carriers, and the low-cost Google Cardboard has proliferated since its announcement at Google I/O almost two years ago. VR is indeed happening.

So, have you taken the plunge, or if you've pre-ordered a VR product, the pre-plunge? Let's talk VR, its uses, its drawbacks, and just what separates the various VR experiences and platforms that we'll start to see emerge in the next year or two. And please, everybody: I understand if some of you simply don't like VR or think that it's pointless, but this isn't a forum for mindless bashing, so keep the discussion substantive if you are going to be voicing a critical opinion (and I will be the first to admit that there are many valid critiques of VR). With that said, vote and let's discuss!

Do you own (or have you ordered) a VR device?

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