Today is Easter Sunday in many countries, and though humble tech bloggers don't really get fancy luxuries like "vacations" or "religious holidays" or "time to sleep," it seems appropriate to point out an Android Easter egg that's apparently been lying in wait for quite a while. The folks at Ausdroid spotted this one, a simple nod to British sitcom The IT Crowd (also known as "that show that's kind of like The Big Bang Theory without all the sucking").

Specifically, the Easter egg comes from the second episode of the series, which pokes fun at the British emergency services number.

Holy crap, it's been ten years since the first season of The It Crowd came on TV. Where has the time gone? Anyway, here's Ausdroid writer Daniel Tyson breaking down the Easter egg version, which can be found in the stock Android dialer. If you have a Nexus phone it's your default dialer, but your mileage may vary with other manufacturers and skins.

Cheers, Google. We miss The IT Crowd too.