The Onewheel typifies a brand new generation of personal transportation devices. They're the kind that make you go "huh, that's kind of interesting," then you look at a limited specification sheet and a sky-high price tag and decide to stick to your rusty bicycle. (It costs $1500 for the base model, if you're wondering.) But apparently there's something more than excess and capacitors built into that thing, because now it has an official Android app for management.

The Onewheel app allows riders to customize the mode of their electric skateboard, switching from the standard mode for regular riding to "extreme" mode with loose handling and speeds up to 16 miles per hour to "elevated" for riding on steep grades and off-road terrain. Users can also customize the LED lighting on the gadget or track their usage and peek at battery stats.

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The app includes access to a series of riding instruction videos, which presumably starts with "get on and then don't fall over" and expands to more advanced techniques. The app is a free download on Android 5.0 or higher. Early users seem to be enjoying it, but one observes that Android Wear support would be a nice addition.

Developer: Future Motion Inc
Price: Free