Here's a free tip, would-be criminals: don't tag yourself in photos of an active crime and then post said photos to social media. It's a 21st century problem for those whose leisure activities are just a little bit more than the law will allow, but Motorola has used that interesting situation as a springboard for its latest series of TV ads. The first one, "Photo Opp," is probably the very first time an Old West outlaw has ever been shown with a smartwatch.

The second commercial "The Posse" is a full minute, and it shows our dastardly outlaws attempting to rob a train (which one must do before he can get his Old West Outlaw Cub Scout badge). Galloping horses and tack make for a less-than-ideal communications scenario, so it's a good time to showcase Motorola's unique hands-free options, including customized activation phrases and easy text messaging. Oh, and this is also the first time you've ever seen a smartphone mount on a saddle horn. Note the matching brown leather backs on those Moto X Styles.

Well done Motorola, these are pretty entertaining. I look forward to seeing more, preferably including one that shows how hard it is to find a power outlet in a jail cell in 1870s Arizona Territory.