Google yesterday pushed out updates to the Sheets and Slides apps, bringing compatibility with more file formats and automatic titling for Slides. Together with these changes are the normal bug fixes and performance improvements which accompany any Google app update.

What's New

More File Format Support

Both apps have had a significant amount of file formats added for sharing and exporting your creations. For Slides, there is now the possibility of exporting presentation slides to .JPG, .PNG and .SVG, as well as the already-available .PPTX, .PDF, and .TXT. These can then be sent to others or downloaded to your device.

Screenshot_20160324-175524 Screenshot_20160324-175847

Left: previous version. Right: latest version.

Meanwhile, Sheets users now have the ability to save a file as .CSV or .TSV (previously you could only send it as these file formats, or save as .XLSX or .PDF), or as .HTML in a zipped folder.

Screenshot_20160324-192708 Screenshot_20160324-184937

Automatic Titling In Slides

The Slides web app has had this for a while, but now it's coming to Android as well. Put simply, when 'Untitled Presentation' is tapped in the dropdown menu, the app will now take the heading from the first slide and title the file. A popup will appear letting you change the title or accept the one the app has given you, meaning you can get rid of the myriad of 'Untitled Presentation / Document' files that, if you're anything like me, probably litter your Google Drive.


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