VentureBeat is claiming to have wind of a new app by YouTube, named 'Connect.' The app will reportedly be used for live-streaming, in much the same way as Periscope and Facebook. According to VentureBeat's sources, Connect has many of the same features as those two apps, including a 'news feed' to see which of your subscriptions are streaming or have shared video, and chat among users.

This marks the fourth YouTube spin-off app, following GamingMusic, and Kids. It's interesting to note that Connect will introduce a social element to the internet's go-to video service. While YouTube does have a subscription feed updated with videos from creators you subscribe to, it's a poor rendition of a true news feed à la Facebook. You, of course, log into the app with your Google account and can then immediately begin streaming your life in all its glory. Simples.

Videos will be watchable in-app, and VentureBeat says that these videos will also be 'storable,' meaning others can watch them later. Currently, Periscope only offers the ability to watch replays 24 hours after the broadcast; after that they disappear. Facebook Live replays will stay on Facebook until the uploader chooses to delete them. However, Connect does not have the ability to share to social networks other than YouTube yet; VentureBeat does not say if this feature will be added when the app launches.

The publication closes the rumor by saying that a release before or at I/O seems likely, which is probably a reasonable assumption.