Duran Duran released their first album in 1981. That's before I was born, and yet, some of their music is still popular and relevant today. Hits like, 'Hungry Like The Wolf' and 'Rio' (full disclosure: those are the only two Duran Duran songs I know off the top of my head) still get air time on oldies stations and Rock Band games.

35 years later they're still making new music. I had no idea they were even still together. Their latest album, Paper Gods, was just released in September last year and today you can get it free on Google Play Music. Is it any good? Apparently some people like it because it has a 4.5 star rating. It's free, so you may as well download it and give it whirl and find out for yourself.

I'm sorry, but this deal is likely US only. If the album isn't free where you live, don't fret, you probably didn't know it existed before today and you won't remember it exists by this time tomorrow. Still feel sad? Go watch the bizarre Duran Duran 'Hungry Like a Wolf' music video. Man, the eighties were weird.