If you happen to be in the market for a new gadget to charge your phone, or perhaps every USB-powered device in your house, you're in luck. Tronsmart and Aukey, two of the more prominent accessory sellers on Amazon, are both offering discounts with coupon codes today. If you have a Quick Charge 2.0 compatible phone or tablet, you can pick up a three-port Tronsmart wall charger for just $10.50 with the coupon 3USBWALL. The double car charger version is also $10.50 with the coupon 2USBCHAR. Both are discounted by a little less than ten bucks.

If two or three ports simply aren't enough for you, the Titan multi-port charger can send Quick Charge juice to five different gadgets simultaneously. It's normally $38 for the white version, but add the coupon code USBTITAN and you can knock that price down to $23.49. For those who don't need multiple Quick Charge ports, Aukey offers pretty much the same thing with a lower watt rating and only one Quick Charge port out of five. It's normally $25, but with the coupon code 3PP6COR3 it gets bumped down to just $17.99. And finally if you need a little power on the go, Aukey has a respectable 10400mAh portable battery for $14.99 after adding the coupon code JEOSBZMP.


As usual, all of these deals offer free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime customers, and these coupon codes are probably limited to the United States. We don't know when they expire, so get an order in soon to take advantage of those lower prices.