Google Photos already has some "smart" features that try to make your photos easier to manage, and today it's getting another one. Google is rolling out "smarter albums" to the app. From now on, when you take pictures while on a trip or attending an event, Google Photos will automatically assemble your best shots into albums for easy sharing.

Google already knows where your photos were taken, and it can use its image recognition algorithms to figure out which ones are the best (maybe). Those photos will be suggested to you as an album that you can save, share, and edit as you see fit. The albums will also add maps with location pins to show you where the photos are from. We actually spotted some of this in a recent teardown of the Photos app, but the suggested albums weren't apparent at the time.

You won't need an update to get the new album suggestions. They'll just start showing up if you're on the latest version of Photos, which is v1.16 as of now. It's rolling out today on Android, iOS, and the web.

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