If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 7-second videos is worth a whole several hundred thousand words — depending on the frame rate. So why would you want your Facebook profile to limit you to one photo when there's more to you, your duckface, your pets, your babies, your partner, your family, your latest food order, than any photo can hold? Why not choose a video montage of all of these things that matter most to you, or maybe a short video of you smiling or giggling or being sexy and cool, because how else will anyone know that you're most awesomest'est person on earth?

Okay, I don't like Facebook. That much is apparent from that intro. But some people do and I'm not here to judge them but to tell them that they can finally use that profile video feature that was being tested on a limited rollout at the end of last year. Based on a couple of tips we got, it seems that the option to upload a profile video is now more widely available in the Facebook Android app. Artem has it (as evidenced by the screenshots below), but I can't see it. I suspect the latter might be due to the fact that I don't even have the Facebook app installed on my phone, ha! (Seriously, for my super limited Facebook use, I prefer to use Chrome notifications on the mobile webpage than install the resource sinkhole that is the Android app.)

facebook-profile-videos-1 facebook-profile-videos-2

But I digress. You'll be happy to know that these profile videos loop continuously so you don't have to restart them all the time. And they play automatically, but stay muted until you tap on them to start the sound. That's thoughtful I guess. Check to see if they're available to you already, and if not, be patient as they must still be rolling out to everyone.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+