Samsung's latest flagship brothers are a lot of things: high-end, beautifully crafted, powerful, and expensive. What they are not though is drop-proof, scratch-proof, or fingerprint-proof. You surely don't want your investment of several hundreds of dollars to slip between your fingers and risk splattering on the floor only because your hand was a little too sweaty or your grip wasn't perfectly tight. You probably don't want it to get scratched from lint and other small particles inside your pocket or purse either.

If you nodded in agreement to the above statements, then you should be in the market for the Galaxy S7 skins from dbrand, well that or the S7 Edge skins if you're carrying the larger brother.

dbrand's skins cover the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with barely any added bulk, keeping the phone's slim and ergonomic profile. They save you from having to wipe it down every few minutes because of how many fingerprints and how much grime and grease it attracts. They also protect the parts that they cover from scratches small and big. But most importantly, they add texture and grip to the phone's glass front and back, making it easier to hold and less prone to accidental slips.


Skins for both phones are available on dbrand's interactive customizer. You can pick any color and texture you want, and choose to cover different parts of the phones: the front skin costs $7.95, the back $9.95, and the camera skin is $0.95. The prices are the same for both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge skins. dbrand offers free tracked worldwide shipping on orders above $35, and once the skins are delivered, you can follow dbrand's industry leading video tutorials to apply them.

Buy: Galaxy S7 skins from dbrand, Galaxy S7 Edge skins from dbrand

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