The LG G5 comes into 2016 the unabashed underdog to Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. While Samsung is refining its lineup - based on a largely successful reimagining in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge+ of last year - with more practical benefits this time around (better camera, much better battery life), LG's smartphone identity seems more than a bit confused.

Last year's V10 was very successful with owners, especially those who didn't find what they wanted in the G4 (most people I've talked to with a V10 love it), but that phone doesn't quite ring as mainstream - it's a powerhouse of specifications and general capability. The G4, though, seems to have been a near-flop in retrospect. While it had a good camera and an interesting curved design, the battery life was subpar, the screen far too dim in sunlight, and the phone became almost unbearably slow as it aged, likely thanks to that sub-optimal Snapdragon 808. Prices on them plummeted quickly, and a little over 6 months after the phone's launch, they could be had for nearly half MSRP. That's rarely a good sign.

And so, the G5 reminds us in the G4 in... basically no ways. LG's questionable software theming is still in tow, but other than that? You can't even tell these two phones are related. And instead of pumping up the phone, LG has largely focused on advertising the connected accessories you'll be able to use with it, like a 360-degree camera, a VR headset, modular accessories, and a spherical remote controlled robot. Has LG basically conceded they can't go toe-to-toe with Samsung on raw specifications and cutting-edge design anymore? I have to say, that narrative is definitely a tempting one to indulge.

But I'm curious: how many of you are seriously considering buying a G5? Vote below, and discuss in the comments.

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