When David reviewed the Seek Thermal imaging camera, I was impressed by the fact that you could now take thermal images with your smartphone and a little accessory. It sounded super cool, but I couldn't imagine why I'd use something like this. That is until we had a pipe burst in our upstairs neighbor's floor, causing a semi flood in our kitchen. I then remembered that something like the Seek could help us find the broken pipe easier, faster, and with less damage. The price, however, was still one big hurdle in the way. Unless you were a plumber, why would you pay over $250 for a gadget that you're only likely to use a couple of times in your entire lifetime?

Well, there's good news today if you were on the fence about getting a thermal camera. The prices of both the Seek Thermal and Seek Thermal XR have dropped on eBay far lower than we've ever seen them before. They're so low that the price is hidden and you have to click to reveal it. Both are MicroUSB units so they should work with your Android devices with MicroUSB ports without problem. But be wary of the Seek's and your MicroUSB port's orientation because you don't want your Seek facing in opposite direction of your phone's camera.


The Seek Thermal is down from $249 to $159.99 on eBay. That's 35% off and the lowest we've ever seen it at. The only previous deal we'd spotted of the unit was at $189.99, and even now it's still around $243 on Amazon.

The Seek Thermal XR adds optical focusing to the original design, allowing you to manually focus on objects near and far away from you. It's usually $299 (and about $288 on Amazon now), but it's down to $209.99 on eBay.

The seller, which is highly rated, is only shipping to the US and units seem limited so you might have to make up your mind quickly on this one.