Google's OnHub router offers an easy setup process and cool app management, but it's still working on getting all the features people expect from a $200 router. For example, the USB port still doesn't do anything. There's a new update rolling out, and while it does not address the USB port situation, it does make tracking your speeds and getting devices on the right band easier.

Google's OnHub app includes a network check feature that reports your speeds. It does this automatically every few days, and as often as you want to manually run it. Now, the app can show you the history of all those tests, as well as the average speed. This requires a new version of the OnHub app in addition to the router update.


The other big change this time around is improved automatic band steering. Since OnHub runs a single AP for both 5GHz and 2.4GHz, some devices don't automatically connect to the right band. Automatic Band Steering should get devices on the fastest band to keep the network in good shape. You can check the version your OnHub is running in the app settings.

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