Google Now's purpose is to give you useful information before you even think to ask, and additions continue to roll out that make the service better at its job.

A reader has reached out to us with a screenshot of a Refueling options card in Google Now. It shows the names of individual stations, how far away they are, and how long they're open. Interestingly, as mentioned at the bottom of the card, this information is appearing because the recipient has to return a rental car to the area. It's also worth noting that the reader was using Google to manage his travel itinerary.


Last month we saw Now begin to show gas stations that are along a driving route. The card appeared when users were moving above a certain speed, even without Google Maps navigating during that time.

Together, these latest cards may cut down how often you have to open a full-blown navigation app to look for gas. Though, as you may have noticed, the Refueling options card does not display prices. But that just leaves the developers something to work on.

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