One of the loudest voices of criticism when T-Mobile launched Binge On was none other than Google, but it would appear the two companies have patched things up. T-Mobile just announced a big expansion of Binge On support, and among the new options are both YouTube and Google Play Movies.

There are now more than 50 supported services for Binge On. Today's additions include YouTube, Google Play Movies, Baeble Music, Discovery GO, ESNE TV, FilmOn.TV, Fox Business, KlowdTV, and Red Bull TV. If you have Binge On enabled on your account, your video streams from these providers will be capped at 480p and won't count against your data.

Google's issue with Binge On originally was that it "optimized" all video, not just video from participants in Binge On. This was just straight throttling, which could cause buffering. The turn-around might be thanks to another change T-Mobile is making to Binge On. The carrier will now allow video services to exempt their streams from Binge On optimization. That means they can stream at full resolution and of course, use more data doing it. You can still shut off Binge On in your T-Mobile account settings if you want full-resolution video.