The desktop version of Google+ is still under development. Those of you who jumped onto the preview version early on may have forgotten that, yes, what you're using is more or less a beta. It's not what people see when they sign into Google+ for the first time.

So, you adventurous Google+ users, here's what the developers want you to know they've been working on. Try making a post with multiple images attached. You can now re-arrange those pictures by dragging them around with your mouse.

Done? Cool. Now for the other change. You can search for posts from a Community page. This way you don't have to filter through all of the users and conversations you find searching the site globally.

As usual, the changelog below provides oodles of bug fixes. The number is pretty big, so presumably many aspects of the site are better than before. But, apparently, there are still more things to do before this version is ready for prime time.

What's New:

  • 220 bug fixes
  • 3 accessibility issues addressed
  • Search for posts within a Community
  • Ability to re-order multiple images in a post using drag & drop