LastPass is known for keeping your passwords safe, but these days a password sometimes isn't enough. That's why many services have implemented 2-factor authentication (2FA) to secure your account. Now, LastPass is getting into 2FA with its own authenticator app called (predictably) LastPass Authenticator. Please ignore the iPhone above. It's on Android too.

This app will, of course, work with LastPass. In fact, it's tied to your LastPass account. If you want to use the authenticator, you have to at least have a free LastPass account so you can turn on 2FA and scan the barcode to set up the app. From that point forward, whenever a device needs to log into your LasPass account, you'll get a notification on your phone (and connected smartwatch) to allow it. Prefer to generate passcodes or SMS? That's an option too.

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LastPass Authenticator isn't only for LastPass. It supports standard TOTP, so any service that can connect to apps like Google Authenticator or Authy will work in LastPass Authenticator. We aren't sure from the announcement if LastPass will sync 2FA tokens like Authy does, but we're looking into it and have asked LastPass for clarification.

No syncing

LastPass has confirmed that the authenticator app does not sync 2FA tokens like Authy. That means your login credentials will only be on one device.

LastPass Authenticator
LastPass Authenticator
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free