Ugh, I have to think of another way to respond to this inane email. People always expect me to take care of their problems, but they never include enough information for me to have any idea what they're talking about.

Huh, what are these buttons at the bottom of the email? "Leave me alone." "Not this again." "You broke it, you fix it."

Google, you know me so well. But, this is a little creepy. Where are these responses coming from?

Let me check Android Police. They've probably covered this before. Ahah! Apparently, this Smart Reply feature came to phones in November. If I ever responded to email from my OnePlus Nexus S7, I probably would have noticed. Sometimes I wonder why I even bought such a nice phone when I still do everything from my PC anyway.

Oh look, this post on the Official Gmail Blog confirms it. Smart Reply is now available for Inbox by Gmail on the web.

That's perfect. Now, which of these buttons should I click? Decisions, decisions.

Alternate body: Smart Reply is now available for Inbox by Gmail on the web. Google's Smart Reply feature saves you from typing out responses to email by instead providing automatically generated responses based on your communication history. The feature started appearing on smartphones last November.

That's pretty much it. Man, if only I could turn this into a story somehow.